In 1998, Padraic McFreen prepared for the future by designing it.  He created MiVu®.  He will do it again with MiVu® MiCare™ COmmZoF™.

It's Health Care's time to Unthink Impossible®

"Impossible has never been a valid excuse for Padraic McFreen"

"Impossible has never been a valid excuse for Padraic McFreen"

In 1998, Padraic McFreen, the mind behind MiVu®, envisioned an Internet of Everything.  To ignite the cultural shift within the mass consumer market required to bring this vision to reality, a four-phase project was developed.  Foundationally, the telecommunications industry needed to play along with MiVu®.  Though the industry had completely ignored us poor consumers by 2000, MiVu® believed pushing norms and thinking well outside of the box (some say we "ignored it completely") was the only way forward.  We are glad we did.  Everything is so much "smarter" today as a result.

For the first phase of his intelligent or "smart" network implementation, Padraic McFreen partnered with Lucent Technologies, Inc. USA, one of the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in the world, and the then telecom equipment "darling" of Wall Street.  Lucent Technologies, Inc. USA subsequently reorganized its global business around Padraic McFreen's MiVu--going to market with MiVu rebranded as MiLife, MiView, MiITv, IMS, Fiber-to-the-Node, customer specific solutions based on these technologies such as U-verse, Direct Connect, FiOS, Xfinity and many many more internationally as well as more than 1,000 novel technical innovations, resulting in more than 1,000 patents and a highly competitive intellectual property licensing and royalty business. 

The intellectual property business is a separate revenue generating business model--in addition to its then new core IP-based computing and MiVu communication networks business.  Lucent Technologies, Inc. USA, completely abandoned the traditional telecom network infrastructures for McFreen's revolutionary server based IP Information and Entertainment Network--MiVu.  The world is so glad they did.     

To assist you in understanding this highly complex paradigm, the first phase included the design of a Software Optical Network, Video Cache and Compression, Multicasting Framework and more which created a Nationwide MultiService Internet (infrastructure) Virtual Universe (MiVu®).  Essential technologies designed included Ethernet in the Last Mile, Fiber-to-the-Node, Video Aggregation, Video Distribution, the use of JAVA® for wireline and mobile network ease of convergence, plug-and-play networks, services, and devices--just to name a few.

Part B of Phase I, build the first Internet Protocol Multimedia Entertainment Lifestyle Network and Revenue Services.  The MiVu® Network, the first-of-its-kind multimedia entertainment lifestyle Internet Protocol (IP) network and services, commenced The IP Network Economy

The MiVu® Network began as a Network as a Service (NaaS) for the Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Its purpose, level the playing field for every ISP--large and small--to facilitate total industry adoption of Next Generation Connectivity Networks. 

So, in 2000, the mind behind MiV partnered with industry.  The, then released MiVu® Technology Set, was taken to market globally by Lucent Technologies, Inc. (reverse merger with Alcatel, later acquired by Nokia). 

These technological innovations form the foundation for more than 90% of today's well known branded telecom and entertainment offerings--made possible by the MiVu® Last Mile Single Point Access Network, Fiber-to-the-Node, Convergence of fixed and mobile networks, Dynamic and Ethernet Passive Optical Networks within the MSA (extending to The Last Mile), Video Distribution Network Architectures, Switched Video, and more. As you read this, odds are you are doing so using MiVu® based technologies. 

Your electric utility's Smart Meters are communicating using MiVu®'s network--a mesh network made possible by the mind behind MiVu®.  Ask about The Theory of The Last Mile, and what mastering it means for your business-to-customer relationships (ultimately sustainable revenue performance). 

Most connected device initiatives are a result of the complete adoption of the MiVu® 21st Century Access Network.  It is safe to say, the MiVu® last mile theory is today, The Law of the Last Mile.

Significant efficiencies were enabled as a result of the MiVu® Network, namely, the utilization of the Internet for the broadcast/distribution and laser fast delivery of cable like services within a closed IP network, thus significantly reducing infrastructure build out (barriers to entry) capital expenses for new and incumbent ISPs--the most celebrated technological disruption of the regulated utility segment. Many IEEE 802.x standards are based upon MiVu®.

Today the mind behind MiVu® is well into Phase III of the four phase, twenty-five year project, and continues to push the limits of proprietary efficiencies enabled by computer hardware, software, devices of all types, intelligent systems, autonomous thinking and exhaustive testing, to provide connected services to the "Internet of Everything Else(IO2E™)"--a solution for every consumer on the planet--no matter your age, income, education, occupation, hobby or pass time.  MiVu® is there with you.  It's your Universe.

Like all big thinking companies, we expand and evolve MiVu® in response to market need.  No problem is too small, nor too big.  We too want to go to Mars.

On schedule, Phase III addresses efficiency questions for most industries, by developing and deploying sensors, responsive microelectronics for the realtime measurement of system conditions, be they human, animal, machine, and integrates analytics, decision making, qualified presentment, proposal, management, quality control, and quality of service. 

Specifically, we offer partners a portfolio of products and services, some of which include, MiVu® JARVIS™, MiVu® MiCare™, and MiVu® PPCV®, MiVu® JARVIS BeeAware®, MiVu® BumbleBeeDrone® Systems, MiVu® Vertical Hive® System Ordered Management™ ("SOM"), while supporting them with industry creating and category disruptive expertise in innovation, smart systems, Internet systems, sensor based data and information gathering, analysis, and prioritization, ensuring professionals, be they procurement, pharmaceutical, medical, energy, engineering, facilities, operations, financial, geological, military, college student, high school student, elementary and pre-school, each one has the best-in-class thinking, technology, products, services, data, information and resources for immediate, efficient, decision making--even before confirmation of need.

We've only just begun to Unthink Impossible®.

The team behind MiVu continues to impress me. Envisaged and designed technology, commercially used today, while keeping an eye on next gen connectivity—applicable to every industry—merits a place among the likes of top tier tech companies.
— Former Senior Representative, Exxon-Mobil


MiVu® was invented by Padraic McFreen, which led to Fiber to the Node Networking, Last Mile Single Point Access (LMSPA) ("first mile" today), IP Based Standby Video Broadcasting, National Distribution Schema, Bundled Stream Services, Clean Energy Network-CA, and many many more radically disruptive technological breakthroughs over the past fifteen years.

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